A Red Lip is Always in Fashion

At Besame Cosmetics, we create enduring beauty products that would have been coveted by glamorous women of generations past, and today set the standard for generations to come.

In a disposable culture that focuses only on the next shiny new thing, we are instead inspired by traditions of glamour. Our Founder, Gabriela Hernandez, set out on this path—part mystery, history, part artistic discovery—as a young girl who admired the classic cosmetics used by her grandmother and her mother as the treasured essentials of their daily beauty ritual.

The cosmetics themselves were timeless: refillable translucent powders, rouge, black Cake Mascara, and classic lipsticks. Even the empty containers and packaging, incorporating iconic graphic design elements, were cherished.

Though makeup styles have changed, one thing stays the same: the power of a red lip. Suffragettes wore red lipsticks as they fought for the right to vote, women in uniform wore Victory Red during World War II, and people still wear red to make a powerful statement. 

Today, Besame Cosmetics is proud to be the authority on cosmetics that find their identity in traditions of glamour reaching back decades—even centuries. We collect and study original vintage cosmetics for their product formulation and for the elegance of their packaging, and adapt these classic pieces for modern wear.

Our Classic Color lipsticks are all based on popular colors throughout history. So you never have to worry about going out of style when you're wearing a timeless Bésame red lipstick.


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  • Casilda

    Is Tango Red coral? The description is confusing. Light or medium?

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